Carmel Pediatrics, PA

Ada B. Dickinson, MD, FAAP

7825 Ballantyne Commons Parkway

Suite 100

Charlotte, NC 28277

T: 704-752-2000

F: 704-752-1212


Carmel Pediatrics, PA is a private practice owned by Dr. Dickinson. Although Dr. Dickinson has worked in small and large practice settings, including hospital owned practices, she is most comfortable in a small practice. The intimate and small office setting allows her to spend quality one-on-one time with her young patients and their parents.

Dr. Dickinson believes in a team approach to providing quality health care to her patients. Parents must be an integral part of that team approach. Dr. Dickinson believes that educated parents are best able to assist in preventative health care so as to avoid multiple office visits. Dr. Dickinson welcomes any question parents have regarding their child's health. Dr. Dickinson is committed to spending the time necessary so that parents are well informed regarding any illness and the expected milestones of their healthy developing children. As such, Dr. Dickinson may spend more time with patients than is typical.

Of course, in the event of any serious medical condition or illness, Dr. Dickinson will dedicate herself to treating each patient to the fullest extent of available medical treatment.